Art and law don’t usually go together, but Franklin and Bash combined them for “Last Dance.” Tuesday night, Peter and Jared defended a widow against a company that turns dead bodies into works of art. Meanwhile, Stanton got caught in his office naked, and Damien lost his cold attitude to defend his uncle against a big bully.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Last Dance”

Jared and Peter help a widow get her husband’s body back for a proper burial. Someone may be stalking Stanton and Karp thinks it’s a convict seeking revenge. Hanna runs into a friend from college and their old romance is reignited.

The Good:

  • Karp Mans Up: After someone delivers the head of a (fake) “bloody” Buddha to Stanton, Karp decides to go after the person pulling the stunts. It’s nice to see him defend his uncle. It shows us a little more about his personality. He’s usually a stone-cold character, but now we’ve learned where his values lie – family.
  • Bash Freaks Out: Franklin and Bash are fascinated by the strangest things. It’s usually cool to see them geek out over records, motorcycles and superheroes. They aren’t easily spooked, but now we know what will do the job – dead bodies. Bash freaks out when he discovers a body sculpture that was once a real person. Franklin has to calm him down to keep him from crying. It was hilarious.

The So-So:

  • Serious Tone: The latest Franklin and Bash felt really serious. Maybe it’s because the show was dealing with death? Regardless, the tone was grim. There were hardly any laughs. Even Stanton’s storyline with the stalker felt more severe than silly. It could have something to do with Pindar ‘s absence. He always adds goofiness and lightheartedness to the show, but with him gone, the story lacked both.
  • Hanna’s Romance: Hanna has a run-in with an old college buddy and things get a little hot. While it’s nice to see a softer side to her, the storyline felt rushed and obvious. The sketch artist was there just to remind Hanna that she was once an artist. What was the point of that? Does this mean she’s going to start taking pictures? And why does everyone have to have a photography background? Can’t people think of more creative hobbies like miming or knitting?


While there are still some funny parts on Franklin and Bash, the show is heading in a more serious direction. And we’re not sure if that’s a good thing.

Rating: 5/10

Franklin and Bash airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on TNT!

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