Following the devastating tragedy that took place over the weekend, in which a gunman opened fire on a Dark Knight Rises audience early Friday morning, Warner Bros. wisely opted not to discuss the film’s box office take over the weekend, deeming it to a be a crass move in the wake of the horror that befell a group of movie lovers in an Aurora, Colorado theater.  But now, Warner Bros. is talking about money again—albeit in a very different way.

Warner Bros. has apparently made “a substantial donation” to the victims of the Aurora shooting via the website, a website set up by the Community First Foundation of Colorado “to support local non-profits.”  As Cinema Blend points out, the site’s homepage allows the option for donors to send money to various organizations that will help the Aurora victims in a myriad of ways—blood banks, counseling services, even individual assistance (such as this IndieGoGo page for Petra Anderson, a theater patron who was shot in the head and will now face, in addition to a difficult recovery, $250,000 in medical bills).

While others might take this moment to discuss gun laws or health care reform, or any of the other various issues that are inherently tied to this case, we here at ScreenCrave simply as that you visit the websites mentioned above, and give whatever assistance you can to your fellow filmgoers.