A bizarre mesh of gorgeous cinematography, teenage melodrama, and stop-motion body horror, the trailer for Bradley Rust Gray’s Jack and Diane (a.k.a., the “teenage lesbian werewolf” movie) has finally been given a full trailer.  Check it out below.

In the film, Juno Temple stars as the naïve Diane, who falls for the harder-edged, more cynical Jack (Riley Keough), while on a trip to New York.  However, drama erupts when Jack discovers that Diane is leaving the country for school, and begins to push Diane away.  Meanwhile, Diane’s sexual awakening is coupled with “monstrous changes” that she must now contend with.

Jack and Diane was originally set to star Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby, and has been in development for some time.  The film is now set for a VOD release on September 28 (with a theatrical release to follow on November 2), and the trailer looks interesting, blending as it does teen melodrama with Quay Brothers stop-motion work and body horror elements.  However, it remains to be seen whether Jack and Diane holds together as a solid, genre-mashing and genre-busting film, or is an incongruent flop (early reviews have suggested both).  Here’s hoping it’s the former, as the premise is promising.

What do you think of the Jack and Diane trailer?

Source: /Film