Back in the good old days of Agrestic-land, Nancy Botwin had a pool where she would drown all her sorrows. Now that Weeds is in its eighth and final season, we’ve come full circle. She’s back in the suburbs, swimming in the nude and drowning her pain. Life is really hard for the widow, especially with that bullet in her head. Find out more in our review of “Only Judy Can Judge.”

The Players:

Episode Title: “Only Judy Can Judge”

Despite the demands of her marijuana business, Nancy decides to throw a family dinner. Shane and Silas make new friends. And Jill and Andy agree to watch Stevie during the day.

The Good:

  • Nancy’s Struggle (Mary-Louise Parker’s Acting): The bullet is beginning to be a real problem for Nancy. Mostly, she’s having trouble remembering the names of dishes and, oh yeah, her youngest son (she accidentally calls Stevie, Judah). But she’s trying, she really is. Mary-Louise Parker has always played Nancy to a tee, but her efforts should be praised a little louder post-bullet in the head. The Nancy Botwin of season eight isn’t the same one from previous seasons. She’s not as quick and witty anymore. She’s forgetful and tired and limping. But Parker’s acting is as strong as ever. She gets Nancy’s pain and you can see that every time she forgets a name or loses control of herself. Nancy’s struggle shows us her humanity. And Parker’s acting compliments that.
  • Jill’s Struggle: Jill is struggling with her own insecurity. Now that Nancy’s back at home, she’s feeling neglected by Andy. So she takes it out on Nancy by going after Stevie. The Botwin sisters have always been at each others necks, but this is a hell of a lot more interesting than seeing Jill and Andy pretend to be a couple.
  • Family Dinner Round Two: Nancy decides to put together another dinner party, since the first one ended abruptly after she was shot. There are some new characters at the table and Nancy addresses them in her speech (she always has to give a speech). But like any Botwin family event, it starts and ends in chaos when the neighbor slingshots a bag of dog shit right unto the table. It was an eventful five minutes.

The So-So:

  • Doug’s Poop Problem: Doug has a problem with the neighbors. He thinks their giant dog is pooing on their newspaper every night. It’s mildly entertaining to see Doug go back and forth with a neighbor who resembles Wallace Shawn, but what’s the point? When are the writers going to give Doug something meaningful to do? Kevin Nealon is hilarious, always, but his character has plateaued.
  • Silas Gets Worried: Silas’ new friend R.J. is amusing. Plus, it’s nice to see Silas with a male-buddy for a change. But does anyone else think Silas is overreacting with the whole “Shane business”? Silas isn’t a guy who’s easily influenced by others. It’s just not in his character. Yet it takes one conversation with R.J. to make him realize Shane could ruin the family business because he’s is in the Police Academy. Did Silas forget that Shane murdered someone when he was a teenager?


Things are starting to get more interesting around the Botwin-Price-Gray house. We’re seeing a different version of Nancy, and the dynamic between her and Jill is evolving and becoming interesting (maybe we don’t want Jill to leave after all). We’re not really sure where Doug’s life is going (have we ever?), but it would be nice to see him come full-circle as well. His mid-life crisis has dragged on too long.

Rating: 8/10

Weeds airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.


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