Drop Dead Diva hit the road this week as Jane and Grayson traveled to Jane’s Alma mater, Stanford. Predictably, the trip turns into something more. Following the gloomy Owen arc, the change in scenery is just what Jane (and the series) needed.

The Players:

  • Director: Kevin Hooks
  • Writer: Jeffrey Lippman
  • Cast: Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Josh Stamberg

Episode Title: “Road Trip”

This week’s plot revolves around Jane and Grayson’s road trip. Unfortunately, their guest lecture at Stanford takes a turn after a law student needs help supervising her clinic case. Naturally, it’s anything but as Jane and Grayson launch an Erin Brockovich-style attack against her employer. Back in Los Angeles, Kim butts heads with Gina over a case involving a driver who hit a man in a wheelchair. Gina’s client is the driver, so they hope to settle even though Kim thinks the case would fair better at trial.

The Good:

  • Change of Pace: After getting bogged down with Owen’s exit (but disappointingly sidestepping the drama of the situation), Drop Dead Diva switched things up with a well-placed road trip for Jane and a still lovestruck Grayson. Grayson tones down the pathetic and they manage some genuine, friend-tastic chemistry. They get so comfy that Jane lets another clue about her Deb connection slip when she buys Grayson his favorite coffee.
  • Gina is the New Kim – And Kim Hates Her: When Gina brings in a client who is being sued by a man in a wheelchair, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that he’d like to settle. Parker puts Kim as co-counsel, much to Gina’s chagrin. Through some joint sleuthing by Kim and Teri, it comes to light that the client’s business is a front for money laundering and Gina knows it. Score one for Teri, who called Gina a bad egg immediately. It was great to see Teri and Kim join forces for once after four seasons of mutual antagonism. Kim immediately turns the information over to Parker, who opts to keep it on the D.L., so he can remove Gina quietly from the firm. Spoiler alert: This is a bad call.
  • Luke References Sex: Luke might not be a perfect replacement for the oh-so-loveable Fred, but his interactions with Stacey are much better. In Jane’s absence, Luke becomes Stacey’s date to the Small Business Association dinner at which she’s been nominated for an award. When she forces him to listen to her practice her acceptance speech, he tells her that the best speeches are like the best sex – spontaneous and in public. This angel is a total devil. He and Stacey have a wee bit of sexual chemistry, which is a step up from the wounded puppy awws Fred elicited.
  • Jane Gets Mean: This season is supposed to be about Jane embracing Jane and letting go of Deb. Even though there’s a reference to life as an aspiring model, there’s also a fabulous moment where Jane lets her inner bitch loose and snaps at a law student who made an honest mistake. Is this a glimpse into what’s hiding beneath Jane’s schlubby exterior?
  • Harrison/Parker Gets Busted: Remember that money laundering scheme from before? Well it hit the fan in the episode’s final minutes when the FBI rounds up the entire office and informs them that everyone’s under arrest for money laundering. It seems a little far-fetched that the charges will stick, but Kim and Parker (and of course, Gina the Weasel) could be in serious trouble. The bust interrupts Grayson’s attempt to tell Jane how he really feels (since there’s no way that can ever just happen).

The Bad:

  • A Party You Don’t Want to Attend: The only lull in this episode was Stacey at her business dinner. Luke comes through and gives her a dose of the attention she craves, but these are the kind of functions that aren’t fun to attend, let alone watch on television.


This week’s Drop Dead Diva was a shining example of the show at its best. It moved at a fun pace, and brought in just enough emotion to keep you hooked without sacrificing its frivolous side. It also brought enough drama to flawlessly move the season arcs forward. Plus, it ended on a true cliffhanger that will have fans clamoring for the next episode. Bonus points for the cliffhanger having nothing to do with Jane’s love life.

Rating: 10/10


Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime

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