When Zoolander was released in 2001, it was on September 28 – mere days after 9/11. It did okay business theatrically, but on home video it became a cult favorite, and its fanbase has grown to include names like Terrence Malick. For a while now, Director/writer/star Ben Stiller and writer Justin Theroux have talked about doing a follow up, but it won’t be hitting theaters for quite some time.

During The Watch press junket, Steve Weintraub over at Collider asked about the project, and Stiller said “We have a script, as we’ve had for a little while, and it’s not quite coming together right now but I hope it does.  I would like to do it at some point in the future.”

Which means it’s theoretically still on the table, but just as likely to never happen. Of late we’ve seen a number of comedies either move forward with a sequel (Anchorman 2), stall out because of the talent (Ghostbusters 3) or be rumored, even though the first film was a bomb (Magruber 2). Anchorman 2 will be shooting soon, so that one’s actually happening, with these others it’s likely to be a topic of discussion at different press events where talents are reminded that they said they might do more. But between Ghostbusters, Zoolander and Macgruber, it seems that Zoolander 2 is the one that may actually happen. But as long as Stiller keeps working and getting paid well to be a lead, it seems secondary, and risky. We shall see if Blue Steel makes it to theaters again, but as it’s been over ten years, we aren’t holding our breath.

Do you prefer Blue Steel or Magnum?