There’s a pall over this weekend’s box office because the release of The Dark Knight Rises was marred in tragedy. It’s hard to say if the events from the midnight screening hurt the film’s grosses, but thinking about that is ghoulish. Here are the numbers.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Dark Knight Rises
$160,887,295 $36,532 $160,887,295
2 Ice Age: Continental Drift $20,416,978 (-56.2%) $5,254 $88,840,284
3 The Amazing Spider-Man $10,887,111 (-68.6%) $2,901 $228,611,425
4 Ted $10,011,610 (-55.3%) $3,115 $180,431,425
5 Brave $6,024,987 (-46.0%) $2,078 $208,774,173
6 Magic Mike $4,291,432 (-52.4%) $1,647 $101,966,459
7 Savages $3,398,880 (-63.8%) $1,455 $40,055,075
8 Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection $2,253,074 (-59.7%) $1,463 $60,289,622
9 Moonrise Kingdom $1,831,471 (-50.6%) $2,046 $36,087,959
10 To Rome with Love $1,420,891 (-42.5%) $2,574 $11,107,993

TDKR is now the most successful 2D opening in history, and the third highest opening of all time. Some thought the film might do over $200, and frankly I thought it might get much much closer, but it may have to do with the film’s unwieldy running time, or other X factors. Still a lot of money.

The winner of the kids film of the summer is easily Brave, which crossed $200 Million last week and should outperform both the Madagascar sequel, which is now out of the top ten, and Ice Age.The latter should get over $100 domestic, but won’t hit $150 Million. International could save it, though.

The Amazing Spider-Man took it on the chin because of the direct competition, and may struggle to get to $250 domestic. That would make it the lowest grossing Spider-Man movie, but international and DVD/Blu-ray sales should make it profitable, and Sony has already been talking up a sequel.

Magic Mike crossed $100 Million this weekend, and is likely the film to have the biggest return on investment of the year. Moonrise Kingdom has had a successful indie run, and it looks like To Rome with Love isn’t doing that bad either, but is no Midnight in Paris.

Reality Check: I thought Batman would do more. Not a lot of words this week, but these numbers come tinged in tragedy.

What did you watch this weekend?