In what must have been a hard decision to make, Jack Ryan reboot director Kenneth Branagh has cast himself as the film’s bad guy. He’ll be going up against Chris Pine‘s Jack Ryan as a Russian economics wiz who’s trying to destroy America’s economy. Insert Wall Street joke here.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, who tell us that Ryan will be living in Russia when he uncovers this plot. Russia also served as the location for the upcoming A Good Day to Die Hard, and is also the fifth film in a franchise that peaked with its first entry.

Theoretically, this film isn’t a bad idea, and Jack Ryan as a character is a good enough protagonist that can fit actors as diverse as Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck, so all it requires is someone who can play smart on screen. But the fact that Branagh came on board after the initial director fell out (Jack Bender) and the Russian locations make this feel more like a low budget endeavor or contractual obligation.

And though Branagh’s directorial chops probably peaked with his early films (his Henry V adaptation is still his best), as a performer he’s gotten stronger and stronger, and it wouldn’t be that surprising if he was the brightest spot in this reboot.

Do you have hopes for the Jack Ryan reboot?