Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Comedian Fred Willard was just enjoying a quiet night at the Tiki Theater in Hollywood, supposedly touching himself, when police trolled in and arrested (and humiliated) a bunch of folks. Willard, the 72-year-old actor, was arrested, booked and since has been let go.

TMZ reports that the bust was the result of a random walk-through that officers were conducting. This is regulation. Adult theaters must allow authorities to do random inspections in order to keep their license. Word is that Willard was engaging in “lewd conduct” and caught with his pants down and hands on his penis.

According to The New York Times blog, PBS has fired Mr. Willard from their new show Market Warriors due to the news. He’ll no longer be narrating or involved with the show.

Hopefully that’s all Willard loses (besides his dignity, of course). This is a silly story and the man is 72-years-old! If he wants to go to an adult theater and engage in some lustful activity, he should be able to, no? He’s just not the kind of guy that should be arrested. He’s a senior citizen. It’s not like he flashed his wiener during an Alvin and the Chipmunks screening.

Willard has worked too hard and too long to have his career ruined by some freaky incident like this one. If we can forgive Lindsay Lohan, we can surely overlook some old man’s debauchery, don’t you think?