Though we’ve only seen spy photographs, it looks like Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln is about to heat up. We knew it was probably  coming out this year, but it was unknown when. Now we know. November 9 is when the film will hit limited engagements (read: New York and Los Angeles), and then November 16 it goes wide.

That means it will be opening the same weekend as Skyfall, and then going wide the same week as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. The film stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Tommy Lee Jones. As a release date, we’ve seen more Oscar bait pictures (and this is one), move away from the last week of the year, because it becomes a much bigger gamble fiscally if the film doesn’t work (think Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close). And what we’ve also seen is that the fall season (partly because of James Cameron‘s Titanic and Avatar) is now filled with tentpole releases that would be just as comfortable in the summer, so Spielberg’s Lincoln has no great time to come out without a lot of competition.

Many of the big end of the year pictures have already started their marketing campaign, so that means we should start getting posters and trailers for Lincoln shortly. The film has been pegged as one of the film’s to beat come Oscars, but there must have been similar thoughts about Spielberg’s War Horse last year.

Are you excited for Lincoln?