Last night’s Franklin and Bash definitely lived up to its name. All “Summer Girls” needed was a soundtrack by The Beach Boys and you could’ve actually called it Franklin and Bash Fight For Girls: The Musical. This week, Jared and Peter sort of stepped out of their comfort zones. Both headed to the crueler and secretly sexist legal system known as military court, and attempted to save the careers of two promising Naval officers.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Summer Girls”

Peter and Jared get hired by two female Naval petty officers charged with assault for a bar brawl. Being a former ROTC, Hanna helps them with the case. Meanwhile, Damian falls for one of the summer interns, but realizes their relationship can pose a problem at the firm. And Pindar lands in jail for accidentally waving a switch blade at a police officer.

The Good:

  • Peter And Jared’s Fascination With Everything: Peter and Jared are more easily amused than five-year-old children. The fascination they have with everything is one of their many appealing characteristics. In this episode, the two got to play with guns. They went bananas at the military base’s shooting range, pretending the cardboard civilians were zombies and whatnot. You gotta love the way these two work.
  • Damien and a Girl (Part 1): Damien falls for one of the summer interns. It turns out the girl is a former exotic dancer who paid her way through law school, before landing at Infeld Daniels. But Damien knew all of this because he once (or twice) took some former clients to the club she worked at, The Mermaid Lounge. Yeah, it’s a pretty cliché story – prestigious lawyer falls for former stripper – but the way Damien went about the whole situation was pretty cute. He tried to avoid the girl at all costs, sending her home early and avoiding eye-contact. Who would’ve known this super-ballsy guy who is always making fun of Franklin and Bash would be so shy around the ladies?
  • The Quotable: “Thank you commander… suck it.”

The Bad:

  • Damien and a Girl (Part 2): By the end, Damien and the summer intern hook up. All is great, right? Wrong. HR doesn’t allow dating in the workplace. So what does this little lady do? She turns down Infeld’s $150K offer and jumps ship to another ‘lower paying’ firm. And for what? To be able to go on a second date with Damien. That seems a bit absurd. After all she was a stripper. She should know the value of money.
  • Pindar In Jail: Our little old Pindar goes to jail for waving a knife at a police officer. This was a great opportunity for the writers to highlight Pindar’s agoraphobia, maybe show him hilariously freaking out inside a dirty jail cell. Instead, all we got were a few words: “I was in a cell… There was a toilet in the middle of the room. I saw things.” This was a missed opportunity. There could’ve been plenty of laughs.


Peter and Jared’s easy amazement is amazing to us. It’s what brings the laughs and warmth to the show. We’re happy to see Damien with a lady, but does their story have to be so damn cheesy? Also, we’re sad Pindar’s agoraphobia is no longer a big problem. It used to bring about many laughs.

Rating: 5/10

Franklin and Bash airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on TNT!

What did you think of last night’s episode?