In case you hadn’t heard, Marvel Studios is pretty well set to dominate the world box office for the next several years, seeing as they plan on releasing two films a year from now until at least 2015—The Avengers 2, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.  And now it seems that one smaller (pardon the pun) Marvel film might be wedged into 2014 if the stars align: Edgar Wright’s cinematic adaptation of Ant-Man.

Yes, Ant-Man—the comic book tale of Henry Pym, a scientist who can adjust his mass from ant-sized to a massive giant.  Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito has now stated that Ant-Man might make the jump from 2015 to 2014, provided that director Edgar Wright can make the jump from post-production of his just green-lit The World’s End in time:

That might be an opportunity where we do a third film, depending on his schedule when he finishes World’s End. But he’s such a competent filmmaker; the script is in great shape. The test will prove a lot of things on the visual effects front: how do we handle the shrinking, obviously, and the scale issues, because when he’s small he’s a half-inch. So we’re gonna work that out, maybe that’s when we do a third film.

It would be nice to see a film like Ant-Man from Marvel—given the quirky nature of the content, along with direction from Wright, one can imagine that Ant-man would be a little stranger, interesting, and sharper than such bleh as Iron Man 2, or the pleasant mediocrity of Thor.

What do you think—do you want to see an Ant-Man film?

Source: /Film