The past couple of years True Blood has held a big presence here at the annual San Diego Comic-Con. The mixture of vampires, sex and drama are merely just a couple of the many things that make fans want more year after year.

Naturally True Blood‘s panel would be taking place on Saturday which is arguably one of the biggest days of the famed convention. Fans eagerly await not only to see footage from the latest season but seeing creator Alan Ball at the convention center for the last time. The reason for this is because he’ll be stepping down as the showrunner at the end of the fifth season. So what better way to send off the man who created one of the most popular HBO shows out there than by getting plenty of love from the cast and the fans surrounding them.

It’s weird that the moderator started off the panel addressing the fact that The Vampire Diaries were in Ballroom 20 merely just a few hours before them. The whole cast brushes off the question, phew. Then they ask Alan Ball why was it he decided to bring some of the characters together, a couple of which have never really interacted together in a friendly manner before. “It’s definitely a conscious decision and it’s one of my favorite things about the show. The new chemistry with characters that may have been at odds before. In this particular season they have to have a romance.” What romance is he referring to? Well if it was our guess, we think it has something to do with Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Bill (Stephen Moyer).

The moderator calls their new dynamic on the show the “season of the bromance.” Given the fact that they’ve been going to Comic-Con long enough to know their fans, the two actors say just the right words to get every person in that room excited. Alex starts off saying “Alan (Ball) and the writers have been struggling with it because we’ve had a little too much fun together and we’ve kind of [grunts]. It’s been four years of us fighting for Sookie and there’s like a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid moment…”

“And we get to play the [grunt] together,” growls Moyer in his perfect accent. It took a good minute for the room to collect itself after that happened. But Moyer explains more as to why this team up works right. “We can’t do it apart, we have to do it together. All sorts of animosity aside, they get together. I don’t know about you but I kind of felt when we were working together that there’s something between them in the past that we haven’t seen yet. That there’s some kind of old friendship.” Can we say season six?

Then the two joke about how difficult it was for them to compose themselves while filming the trunk scene. Stephen Moyer talks about how upset some people got because of how long it took, especially Alan Ball. “So we both received emails from Alan, the lord and master, basically saying anytime you guys go up to actually see me that’ll be fantastic. I got up, called him [Alexander Skarsgård] and asked if he’d seen Alan’s email. So we ended up kind of going in to see the principal to get our wrists slapped.”

The one question that plenty of fans want to know, and have probably asked at one point or another, is who’s the best cuddler between Eric and Bill? Anna says “It’s hard to say” but the sheer thought of either of the two cuddling sends the fans into a screaming frenzy.

Then they start giggling like crazy when they begin talking about Pam’s (Kristin Bauer van Straten) wardrobe in the show. What’s even more amazing is the fact that three women are sitting up in the front row wearing some of her character’s ugly-looking sweatsuits. Still, Kristin sends her love out to the costume designer Aubrey Fisher. The best part about this portion of the panel was Sam’s (Trammell) strange love for a particular outfit she wears in season two. “Sam is so hung up on this outfit too. They asked him what he thought was the most shocking thing to see on True Blood. He thought about it for a long time and said this red sequin jumpsuit.”

But Pam isn’t the only character that’s having fun with her wardrobe this season. There’s Tara (Rutina Wesley) whose outfits are beginning to become a little more bold and leathery. “Yeah, I have a feeling that Pam went up to her, brought her through her closet and made her up.” Rutina talks about how her mother complimented her on the outfit she’s wearing after that particular episode. Yeah, we’d feel a little uncomfortable too if our mother was giving us a thumbs up on a bustier.

Now it’s Joe Manganiello’s turn to speak, or more so it’s his turn to just sit there and look gorgeous while the audience gives out the biggest round of applause out of the whole panel. Especially since we’re fresh off the release of Magic Mike, there’s a considerable amount of love for Manganiello. The moderator suggests that he takes it off, making reference to Magic Mike, and he dances a little, taking off his jacket but stops, which drives everyone wild. Then Rutina gives her best version of a body roll followed by Alan Ball. We were a little bummed that Stephen Moyer or Alexander Skarsgård didn’t try to outdo them all, but that’s okay.

Poor Sam, he seems to not be having any luck with the ladies in the show. He explains a bit more about his character’s latest predicament in the supernatural dating world. “There was a question of whether Emma was a shape shifter or a wolf. I saw her just shift into a wolf so that’s going to have some ramifications. He’s trying to figure out how to fit into that wolf family. Her grandmother is a wolf so it’ll be kind of interesting.” Best of luck to your character Sam!

Then it was time to talk about Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) budding relationship in the show. The two seem to work off of each other really well and hearing Deborah gush about how much fun it is to work with Ryan made our hearts all warm and fuzzy. “I adore working with Ryan. He’s the sweetest, most giving actor. I look forward to [working with him] all the time.”

And we have to talk about Christopher Meloni’s super powerful vampire that pops up in this fifth season and how much fun it was not telling his wife about the kid exploding in an episode. It’s suffice to say that True Blood does continually raise the bar when it comes to their story, and fans love them for that.

Now check out the official trailer for Season 5 of True Blood below that was shown at Comic-Con, along with an image gallery of the cast at the panel (courtesy of Getty Images):