This week on True Blood, all hopelessly fight for power, which syncopates with the return of Russell Edgington. “Hopeless” exposes the corruption of the vampire government, the value of fighting for what’s important and the penalty of immorality.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Hopeless”

The Authority retrieve Bill and Eric, who glamour Sookie and Alcide. Meanwhile, Tara and Jessica continue fighting until Pam breaks them up. Terry tells Arlene about the curse. Alcide challenges J.D., and Roman reveals his plans for Russell. Plus, Lafayette visits Ruby Jean after she gets a message from Jesus.

The Good:

  • Curse: Terry as a character has been simply ridiculous. He’s irrational and seemingly a distraction from the rest of the cast. But Terry sets the mood for several other characters. We must also consider the motives of Russell to be similar since his craziness arose from the loss of all that he loved. Comparing Terry to Russell provides us with a good idea of how power controls us. A powerless human, Terry cowers in fear, while Russell wreaks havoc on the world. Luckily, Alcide knows that he must fight for what he loves before he loses it all (including his mind).
  • Pop Culture: Something worthy of noting is True Blood‘s use of popular culture in an ironic, sarcastic way. The vampire from the Renaissance wearing a Nike polo shirt, the use of an iPhone app to execute the world’s most powerful vampire…we could go on. It goes to show that postmodernism and the use of pastiche–poking fun at the contemporary world and consumerism–is still very much a current concept.

The So-So:

  • Predictable: The major plotlines, which are cleverly arranged to unravel the struggle for power, fall short. (SPOILER ALERT) For example, we know Russell won’t die at the hands of the Authority after living through a few millenia’s worth of wars and natural disasters. We already feel like we know who the moles are in the Authority. Also, we’re not concerned by Hoyt’s suicide wish or kidnapping unless of course, Jessica is the one to settle the score.
  • Overload of Supernatural Creatures: Vampires, fairies, werewolves, shape-shifters, and now an ifrit, the old African/Egyptian spirit that arises from the murdered? We just hope Lilith stays within the vampire form and doesn’t show up as a demon-goddess per the Sumerian legends of her.

The Bad:

  • Lilith Build-up: Ever since the Authority were introduced to us in “Authority Always Wins,” there has been an alternate plot submerging regarding the myth of Lilith. Hopefully, the character will be introduced to us later, but for now everything regarding her has been muddled, mentioned randomly, “blasphemed,” and made nonsensical. It’s overwhelming. We’re hoping it becomes more clear without losing its significance in the power-play between the Authority and Sanguinista movement.


“Hopeless” brings ancient stories and creatures into our modern world in a way that’s both thought-provoking and humorous. But there are times when the story is bogged down in the heaviness of an unexplained element (yes, the Lilith myth).

Rating: 8/10

True Blood airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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