Most of the films that came to Comic-Con this year wowed or at least attempted to wow the audience. But though After Earth had a presentation, they didn’t have enough material for a show reel, and couldn’t bring its stars (including Will Smith and Jaden Smith) or its director M. Night Shyamalan, so the film was less reported on than most. But now there’s a viral teaser that fizzles.

It offers no footage, but does set up the basics of the movie. There’s a rich family called the Raiges who’ve been at the forefront of alien technology for a long time (they even interacted with John F. Kennedy), and then in the future when things get bad on planet Earth, they’re the ones who help set up bases for us on other planets, or in space, or something like that.

Will Smith plays a character named Cypher Raige. Yeah, that’s his name. He’s also something of a military man, and the film is about his flawed relationship with his son. So he has to have the most on-the-nose name in the history of cinema this side of Wimpy. The film comes out June 7, 2013, and it will be interesting to compare it to Elysium, which hits theaters in March of next year.  Going by their presentations at Comic-con, they both seem after similar goals. We’ll see who achieves it better.

Are you looking forward to After Earth?