This summer took its time launching its kids films (partly because the summer season for movies starts before most kids get out of school), but we’ve seen some winners in the bunch, and Ice Age: Continental Drift took this weekend. But – as I said Thursday – it gets a week until Batman, and this feels like the calm before the big movie.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Ice Age: Continental Drift
$46,000,000 $11,853 $46,000,000
2 The Amazing Spider-Man $35,000,000 (-43.6%) $8,106 $200,900,000
3 Ted $22,147,000 (-31.2%) $6,705 $158,993,000
4 Brave $10,695,000 (-45.5%) $3,153 $195,596,000
5 Magic Mike $9,030,000 (-42.3%) $2,922 $91,850,000
6 Savages $8,735,000 (-45.5%) $3,315 $31,466,000
7 Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection $5,600,000 (-45.0%) $2,794 $55,628,000
8 Katy Perry: Part of Me $3,735,000 (-47.7%) $1,367 $18,588,000
9 Moonrise Kingdom $3,662,000 (-19.0%) $3,963 $32,427,000
10 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted $3,500,000 (-53.5%) $1,532 $203,732,000

Ice Age 4 has already made over $300 Million internationally, so that this one should do $120 or so domestically means we may yet see more from this gang. The question is if counter-programming will be okay next weekend or if everything takes a hit once The Dark Knight Rises arrives.

Spider-Man crossed $200 domestically, which is good as no other film on this list is as vulnerable to Batman as it. It’s hard to say if next weekend will be a complete collapse, but it’s unlikely to make it to $300 Million, and $250 domestic is around the stopping point. Also crossing $200 recently was Madagascar 3. But if this summer has a animation winner, the crown goes to Pixar again, as Brave is about to cross $200 and should be the biggest of the summer’s animated movies.

It feels like Universal would have done cartwheels if Ted got to $100 Million, so the fact that it’s going to make $200 is kind of a miracle. Once it passes $183, it will become Mark Wahlberg‘s biggest hit. That’s crazy. And Magic Mike is getting to $100 at this point. As the film cost $7 Million, you have to wonder how much Warner Brothers spent on marketing. If they spent less than $20, then hopefully it’s a workable model for success. Speaking of workable models, Tyler Perry delivers consistent performers. Witness Protection is no exception.

Savages never found its groove, and Katy Perry probably would have done better outside the summer season. Moonrise Kingdom is still kicking around, and should play strong for most of the rest of summer.

Reality Check: I went much higher on Ice Age, and a little low on Ted, which I thought might decline more. With kids movies it’s that much harder to predict how they’ll open because you can’t poll kids. Last week Sony overestimated Spider-Man to get it to a round number and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did that again this week.

What did you watch this weekend?