Two years ago had someone told me that Joss Whedon, the man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, would be the writer and director of a one and a half billion dollar movie, I would have slapped them and told said “get away from me with your shangri-la-nonsense-jibber-jabber! What are you going to tell me next, Americans with pre-existing conditions will one day have access to affordable healthcare?” Much to my gleeful surprise that is the world we find ourselves in and that leads us to the Dark Horse: Joss Whedon panel, in which the maker of television, comics, and now mega-blockbuster films took the stage for a brief state of the union in all things Whedonverse before having an informal Q&A with his adoring fans.

The prolific writer director was happy to report that he has finished post on Much Ado About Nothing, his adaptation of the Shakespearean comedy. The film was literally shot in his backyard right after principal photography on The Avengers wrapped and is filled with Whedon-alums such as Amy Acker, Alexis Desiof and Nathan Fillian, who Whedon says, delivers a performance as Dogberry that will “blow your minds.” The film will be the first time Whedon has composed the score to one of his works, something he says to be both very nervous and excited about, “I love telling stories and in composing music I have found a new way to do that.”

On the non-feature film front Joss dropped the news that he has begun work on Dr. Horrible 2, the sequel to his much beloved web-series starring Neil Patrick Harris. Production on that looks to be shaping up for this Spring. In the meantime Doctor Horrible Season 1 will begin airing on the CW this Fall.

The Buffyverse continues in comic form with Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 and Angel & Faith from Dark Horse Comics. Both of those series are a year into their runs. Although Whedon helped to break the season long stories and would love to be able to write scripts for it, there are no definitive plans at this time.