Saturday morning, Quentin Tarantino brought his epic Django Unchained to Comic-Con. He unveiled an eight-minute sizzle reel that featured never before scene footage from the film. It consisted of material from the first-half of the movie, which means there were no major spoilers. But plenty of action, blood and humor. So without further ado, here’s our extended look at Django!

The reel starts off with a chain-gang of slaves being marched through the mountains. By nightfall, they’re in the woods where their overseers run into Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz). One of them asks, “Who is that stumbling along in the dark?” King’s in a wagon and points to the top where a giant tooth is posted. He reveals that he’s a dentist and introduces his horse Fritz.

Like you’ve seen in the trailers, King is looking for Django because he needs him to find the Brittle brothers. As you can imagine, the slave drivers aren’t willing to let Django go. They test King’s hand, which is a really bad move. He quickly shoots the slave driver in the head and literally knocks it off his shoulders. It’s a bloody shot filled with splatter.

Cut to King and Django riding through a small town. They get a lot of odd looks from the natives. King asks Django why everyone is staring. In the scene, you can really tell that he’s completely oblivious to the racial tension in America.

Next, Django and King have a sit-down meeting at a bar. Django asks who he is and what he wants. They make a deal: Django will help King find the Brittle brothers and King will help Django find his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington). From that point, we see a training montage where King teaches Django the way of the gun.

They’re in a valley covered in snow. “Smooth is more important than fast,” says King. “More important than smooth is accurate. And once you get smooth then you get fast.” We then see Django quickly shoot the head off a snow man and King makes a quip about how he’s definitely faster than it.

After the duo has gotten acquainted, we meet one of two wealthy plantation owners. The first is Spencer Gordon Bennet (Don Johnson). He has a massive white house in the middle of nowhere. He looks like Colonel Sanders. He’s dressed in a white suit and has a sleazy southern accent. Upon arrival, King tries to charm his way in. He claims to be a business man who has 5,000 reasons why Bennet should talk to him.

While they’re meeting, Django questions a female slave about the Brittle brothers. She points John Brittle out in a field. John’s tying up another slave, preparing them for a beating. Thankfully, before he can crack the whip Django approaches and shoots him. Django says, “I like the way you die boy.” It’s followed by a few quick cuts of him whipping a white man on the ground.

Enter Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Calvin Candie. Django and King are at the bar inside Candie’s compound discussing the price of slaves. There’s a snappy conversation about the slaves he chooses to sell and the ones King actually wants. Cut to the line we’ve seen in the trailer from Candie: “Gentlemen, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.”

While sitting in a wagon, we get to see Candie lose his cool. He’s riding along the road and hears a bunch of dogs barking. He jumps out of his seat and screams, “Shut up these goddamn dogs. I can’t hear myself think!” Shortly after, we see the credits that feature red and black overtones.

Django Unchained opens in theaters December 25.

Here’s our play-by-play of the Django Unchained Comic-Con panel.