Believe it or not, David Ayer‘s latest film End of Watch debuted some new footage at this year’s Comic-Con. It’s not sci-fi, fantasy, or horror; rather, it highlights the brutal life of a cop. During the film’s panel, Ayer unveiled three scenes which introduced the film’s boys in blue: Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena.  We’ve got recaps of the scenes below.

Clip One:

It’s POV shot from the front of a police car accompanied by a voiceover. The narrator is Officer Taylor (Gyllenhaal) and he’s giving a monologue about his devotion to the law. “A thin blue line protects the prey from predator, the good from the bad. We are the police.” The car is in a high speed chase with a black vehicle in a residential area.

The police car catches up to the rogue vehicle, forcing it to crash into a yard. The driver and its passenger immediately hop out with guns blazing. At this point, we’re still watching from the point of view of an anonymous the car. There’s a quick cut and we see Taylor and Zavala standing in front of the windshield aiming their guns at the assailants. They let off several rounds killing both men. Zavala walks over to their lifeless bodies, turns them over and handcuffs them. America Ferrera‘s character (Officer Orozco) appears in frame and looks at the damage. She exclaims, “Holy shit!”

Clip Two:

Taylor and Zavala are riding in their cop car together. This time, the camera is facing towards them. We get the feeling that it was stationed on the dashboard. Both characters engage in witty banter. Zavala asks Taylor if he’s ever going to marry a Mexican girl. Taylor says no, because if she’s anything like him, he couldn’t stand being around her for more than an hour. Taylor makes fun of how Zavala talks and does a squeaky Mexican accent.

In retaliation, Zavala begins to mock Taylor and how White guys talk. He does a California-surfer accent and refers to his love of coffee. For the most part, this was an introduction to their relationship. It shows how comfortable they are with one another and how they aren’t afraid to let their guards down.

Clip Three:

Taylor and Zavala arrive on the scene of a house fire. A woman runs off her porch and screams that her two-year old daughter’s inside. Taylor immediately runs in to save her, with Zavala screaming, “No.” Cut to a scene filled with red lighting and puffs of smoke. Both men are shown crawling on the floor where they find the little girl.

Taylor grabs the child and covers her face with a blanket. Zavala tries to lead them out of the home but they’re stuck. They lose contact with one another because of the smoke. Luckily, they latch on to each other again and escape. The next thing we see is a group of firemen approaching the scene. Taylor and Zavala are on the ground shaking, sweating and struggling for breath. The firemen try to help them up, but Taylor yanks his arm and asks where were they.

Due to the amount of minors present in the audience, the footage was heavily edited. Instead of curse words, we heard a series of beeps whenever harsh language was used. Despite that we still got a feel for how raw End of Watch is. The camera angles were also impressive. They really illustrated the characters’ different points of view, both physical and mental.

End of Watch opens in theaters September 28.