Quentin Tarantino makes his first trip to the San Diego Comic-Con and brings his latest movie Django Unchained to the attendees. Some fans waited all night to see Tarantino and company debut some new footage, and boy did they get it.

In recent years we’ve seen different kinds of cinema infiltrate the walls of Hall H. Last year that happened with movies like Drive and The Raven. Now we get another treat with Django Unchained thanks to the fine folks here at Comic-Con. The panel begins with the moderator bringing in Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Foxx, Walter Goggins, Don Johnson, Christoph Waltz and Kerry Washington. But before they debuted the footage, they were happy to answer a few questions about the movie.

The most surprising reveal right off the bat about Django Unchained is how long the story has been simmering in Quentin Tarantino’s mind. “I’ve always wanted to do a western and since spaghetti westerns have kind of always been my favorite… The initial [story] of the whole idea is the slave who becomes a bounty hunter and goes after the overseers of the plantations.” But once Tarantino pieced together the full story, it become something a lot more magnificent.

But the days when African Americans are slaves is a particularly dark time in our nation’s history. While Tarantino acknowledges this, he also explains why that worked for this film. “It’s unimaginable to think of the pain and the suffering that went on in this country, hence making it perfect for a spaghetti western interpretation of this whole story. The realistic and historical concept fits into the biggest canvas that you can think of for this story.”

Then there’s Jamie Foxx, the hero of this bloody revenge tale. But before Jamie Foxx became Django, Tarantino had to help him figure out exactly who the slave-turned-bounty hunter is. “At the beginning of this process we started rehearsals. He pulls me to the side and said ‘I’m worried that you can’t get to that slave. You’ve lived your life as Jamie Foxx and as a celebrity.’ He wanted me to strip everything away and strip down to the slave, letting everything go. We all have egos but he said throw that out the door right now so we can actually get to the work.” Yeah, hearing somebody talk about working with Quentin Tarantino and how his process is to us all is just amazing to hear.

Christoph Waltz received international fame when he played the hilarious and sinister Hans Landa. Now he’s teamed up with Tarantino again and is playing a dentist who’s also a bounty hunter. How cool is that? Mr. Waltz gives us a little bit more insight as to he sees his character and how he fits next to Django. “Doctor King Schultz needs Django. He needs him, first of all, to get the story going but second he needs him because… I’m not going to tell you the story. You go and see the movie! This is a different relationship that is forged in the course of fantastic adventures. Some of the dynamic changes over the course [of the film] but whether that’s a father figure or a teacher.”

We can’t continue talking about this panel without bringing up Don Johnson. You can tell he’s in a rather fine mood, and possibly still in character, just by the way he talks throughout the whole panel. When he’s addressed with a question about his character he kicks in the old southern charm as it were. “I would prefer it if you could call me Big Daddy. Some of us have earned the right and my character is the kinder, gentler, more lovable plantation owner. All of my slaves love me.” Well, at least he answered the question.

Then Quentin Tarantino says “You do realize that we have Crockett and Tubbs in the same movie.” That got quote the positive reaction out of the audience because it’s just so true!

Kerry Washington’s character, Broomhilda, was brought up by a German family so her character knows the language. In real life Washington had to learn not only how to speak the language but to sing it. Kerry didn’t mind at all. As a matter of fact, she loved the challenge. “I’m grateful that my character did two things that I’ve never done before that scared the s–t out of me; horseback riding and learning German. I tend to gravitate towards things that scare me. When the ball started rolling I was a little bit paralyzed by the world that Broomhilda was in. I studied with four different teachers and studied horseback riding. That connected me into the world when I just wanted to hide under the covers.”

Last but certainly never least is the super talented Walter Goggins. While talking about his character, he couldn’t help but get super excited, which was adorable to see. “This is the coolest experience in the number of cool experiences that I’ve had as an artist. [My character] is a ruthless dude but he’s also, by the way that Quentin constructed, he shows him through every kind of perspective. [The character] is a tough cookie and a quick draw.”

Check out the highlights of the panel in the videos below. Here’s Part 1:

Part 2:

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Part 4:

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Also, check out some images from the Django Unchained panel below: