While it may seem a little late in the game to release the first full trailer for Breaking Bad’s hugely anticipated fifth season (seeing as how that fifth season premieres tomorrow night), 4,000 fans inside ballroom 20 of the San Diego Comic-Con finally got a full preview of Breaking Bad’s fifth season on Friday night.  And now, you can too—check out the trailer below.


While the three-minute trailer is padded out with a  few scenes from seasons past, most of the preview is dominated by a glimpse into a post-Gus world, now that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) has murdered his former employer turned bitter rival in the New Mexico-based meth trade.  Most of the trailer seems focused on the head butting between White and Gus’ former enforcer Mike, with Jesse (Aaron Paul)—as always—caught in the middle.

Over the course of four seasons, Breaking Bad has risen from quirky premise—high school chemistry teacher gets cancer, begins cooking meth with a former student to make quick money for his family after he dies, slowly morphs into Scarface as his hunger for power and domination outweigh his initially good (if morally dubious) intentions—and into one of television’s finest dramas.  With one extended season left (the first eight episodes of season five begin airing on Sunday; the remaining eight will air next summer), there is only one question haunting Breaking Bad fans (well, besides who else will die before the show hits the finish line).  Can the show get any better?

Will you be watching Breaking Bad on Sunday night?

Source:  Examiner