We’re officially a week away from the release of massively anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s final entry in his rebooted Batman trilogy.  Now that we’re down to the wire, the stars of the film are showing up on talk shows, armed with patient smiles and lots of clips and scenes from the film.  Yesterday, we gave you a peek at two full scenes from the film; today, we’ve got a new one in which Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle (that’s Catwoman to you) gets interrogated by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake.  Go no further if spoilers are something you dislike.

The scene seems to take place after the terrorist Bane has launched enough of an assault on Gotham for people to be afraid of him (including Selina Kyle); there’s even an intriguing mention that Bruce Wayne may have been kidnapped or killed by Bane’s people.  Check it out.

So there you have it—something serious has gone down in Gotham, enough that leads people to believe Bruce Wayne may have been killed—or Batman, if they happen to know his secret identity.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard, and Michael Caine, and is set for a July 20 release.

What do you think of the new clip?

Source: Batman News