Daniel Radcliffe seems to want to build a career outside of the Harry Potter franchise, and it seems he’s doing it by appearing in horror movies. He’s just signed on for Alexandre Aja‘s adapation of Joe Hill’s Horns.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of it. Last year in March Shia Labeouf optioned the material as something for him to star in, but it looks like he’s left the project. The source material comes from Joe Hill. Hill may have used a different last name from his father Stephen King, but it appears the apple and tree are near each other. This all comes from Variety.

Aja behind this is an interesting choice. The man made a name for himself with High Tension a couple years back, which led to his The Hills Have Eyes remake (which was reasonably successful), but then came Mirrors – which was terrible – and Piranha 3D, which got caught in The Weinstein Company’s recent money troubles. Aja seemed to be heading toward DTV work, though getting Radcliffe doesn’t necessarily mean the film will hit theaters. Radcliffe is coming off of this year’s The Woman in Black, which was a surprise success for everyone involved. But – though he’s a bit older – it’s hard to know if audiences won’t always see him as young Mr. Potter. Still, it’s an interesting project, and we’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Do you think this is a good choice for Radcliffe?