Thursday mornings are normally dominated by the Twilight crowd. They’ve been inhabiting the walls of the annual San Diego Comic-Con for years. But this year it finally all comes to an end with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II.

It may be rather bittersweet for most of the cast of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II to step out here promoting this franchise for the last time, but they were rather happy talking about their own experiences. When an actor is so close to any sort of project for that long it resonates with he or she for the rest of their lives.

We got the opportunity to talk with a majority of the Cullen vampire clan. They discussed how they first got to know each other back when Twilight was being made, having the franchise come to an end and what fun it all was.

What props do you take home as a souvenir now that it’s over? And has it sunk in, the feeling that now it’s over?

Ashley Greene: I took my Alice Cullen necklace with me. The original one, which is pretty cool to have. And this is the first event that is kind of marking the beginning of the end of Twilight. It’s the last Comic-Con we’re going to come to for ‘Twilight’. So I guess it’s kind of sinking in. But I think really once we get to the premieres is when it’s maybe going to be a little more emotional because it’s really going to be coming to an end. But luckily we have it captured on film forever. And I think our fans are really incredible. And they seem to be following us into new projects that we’re doing and really supporting us. So that’s pretty neat. Peter?

How did you guys celebrate the end on set? Can you share with us that moment?

Elizabeth Reaser: I really remember this moment because it was kind of weekly. You never quite knew when it was actually going to end because there was so much second unit stuff to be completed. And I think Peter and I were wrapping the exact same time. We had just finished a scene with Ashley and Kellan. Am I right? I don’t know. I think we were just walking through the woods being happy. Which is nice for a change. And then they told Peter and I we were wrapping. We were sort of stunned, you know, after five movies to be told, ‘You’re done.’ It was just sort of surreal. I remember sort of like screaming and laughing and hugging. And then sort of feeling like, ‘Well, what do we do now?’

Kellan Lutz: And then we went to dinner. It was nice.

Elizabeth Reaser:  And then we went to dinner.

Kellan Lutz: It was very nice.

Elizabeth Reaser: It was a fun place we’d gone to over the years and during the movies.

Kellan, is it true that Kristen’s vampire is stronger than Emmett? Is Emmett tempted challenge her at this? And how was it working with Kristen?

Kellan Lutz: Well, Emmett’s a great actor. That’s why he let her win. And I’m three times the size of Kristen. You know what, doing the scene with Kristen, I’ve been looking forward to shooting that scene since day one when I read all the books. I was like, ‘Hopefully, we get to make Breaking Dawn because you finally get to see a scene with Emmett and Bella. And then to see and work with Kristen, who is a brilliant actress, and see her transform from human Bella to vampiric Bella and just see little things that she would change, it was fun. And I’m really looking forward to seeing that scene in the movie. And I know the fans will also.

Looking back over the franchise, what film was your favorite to film and why?

Elizabeth Reaser: I think the first one. I had the most fun in that. It’s weird. I don’t know. Did you guys? And so-

Ashley Greene: We had no idea what we were doing.

Elizabeth Reaser: We had no idea what we were doing, what we were getting into. We thought we were just doing this little vampire movie in Portland. And there’s just a lot of silliness. A lot of hi-jinks and bad behavior.

Jackson Rathbone: It was fun. I mean the first film was everybody coming together and being together in the room for the first time. And doing those epically long Cullen family shoots. Whenever there’s like a scene with the Cullen family, those scenes-

Peter Facinelli: Take forever because everyone has coverage. So you have to get it. You might have like three lines but there’s like ten people. So like, you know, they’ll cover each person. So it’s like three lines could take twelve, fifteen hours. But it’s kind of fun because everybody’s kind of together.As hard as it was to shoot those scenes, I always enjoyed when we were all together.

Kellan Lutz: Well, the first one felt like we were seventeen before turning to eighteen. So we could get in trouble. And before all the craziness happened and ‘Twilight’ became what it was, I just remember Jackson and Peter and I would just- we had some good times. And we still did, but we had some monitoring coming on afterwards.

Peter Facinelli: I remember- do you remember we had a lot of rehearsals in the original Twilight to kind of like get the family to learn each other, to kind of experience each other so we could all be like a family. And so we spent a lot of time together. And I remember going to that indoor warehouse thing and we played baseball and that was so much fun.

We saw some of you last night interacting with the crowd, which has to be an experience in and of itself. What was that like seeing your fans last night who were so excited to see you?

Nikki Reed: I think there was a different energy this time around. I mean maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I just had a different energy. But I felt like because this is the last one there’s been a differing kind of appreciation on both ends, maybe. And a lot of familiar faces. It’s not like we haven’t seen some of these people before. So you really do feel like you recognize them. And it’s like, ‘Hey, you got a haircut.’ Or ‘Hey, Nikki, thanks for signing stuff.’ ‘Wow? Thanks for sleeping out here, you know, year after year.’ So the interaction and exchange, I felt that it was very calm last night and just, I think everyone felt really grateful. And I think I can speak for everyone and say I’m really beginning to recognize how unique and special this has been. Just because we live in a time where capturing someone’s attention for more than five seconds is nearly impossible. And these guys really stuck by us. And this entire experience is because of them. It actually is. And so you can’t help but do your best to show, you know, and go out there and sign something.

Peter Facinelli: It is pretty surreal to see fans that you’ve now known for four years. And they’ve kind of grown with us and they’ve been there from the beginning. They were there the first premiere and at all the conventions, the Comic-Con conventions. And you do recognize them. And you know them by name. And that’s pretty special.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II is out in theaters everywhere on November 16th.