Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few days, you must know it’s Comic-Con weekend in San Diego and in our hearts. So, in the spirit of the Con, we’ve decided to turn our regular weekly roundup into a massive Comic-Con 2012 News Roundup featuring anything and everything coming out of the big event. We’ve got news on giveaways and upcoming events. There’s also new posters and trailers (maybe some you’ve missed). This is your one stop to all things Comic-Con. Check it out, and catch up!

Giveaways & Events:

  • Warner Bros. Swag: For those of you at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. has a treat for you. For the third year in a row, the studio is teaming up with Comic-Con to bring you the event’s official bag (I got one last year, they’re huge!). The oversized bags have a Comic-Con design on one side and one of several WB titles profiled on the other. If you haven’t gotten one, make sure you do. It’ll be a shame to skip out on a free messenger bag.
  • Django Unchained T-Shirt: Moviefone is hosting a contest where you could win a Django Unchained Limited Edition Comic-Con T-Shirt. All you have to do is head on over to the source and leave your favorite Quentin Tarantino quote in their comments section, Facebook page or Twitter. You have until July 15 at 3PM to respond. There will be two winners who will be selected randomly. Also, if you’re at Comic-Con you might be able to score a free shirt. Just keep a lookout for six “outlaws” in Django shirts, blue jeans and a cowboy hat. Go up to them and say the passcode, “The D is silent,” and they’ll give you a coin that’ll get you that limited edition t-shirt.
  • Dress The Kids Like Iron Man: Marvel Studios is having a competition for the kids! The studio announced that they would be hosting an Iron Man 3 Kids’ Costume Event tomorrow (Saturday, July 14) at 12:30 PM at the Marvel Booth (#2329) at Comic-Con. The event is open to all children ages 2-14 who come dressed as the superhero. Anyone who wants to participate must be there by 12:10. There will be a group photo that’ll be features on Marvel.com. All participating kids will get a poster signed by the man himself, Robert Downey Jr. Remember, this isn’t a competition, everyone wins.


  • The Hobbit Posters: Slashfilm has posted all 17 new character posters from Peter Jackson‘s much, much-anticipated prequel The Hobbit. These posters are up for display at an exhibit in the Warner Bros. booth at the Con. They are all 3D posters. Do check them out.
  • Anna Karenina: Alright so this one is not coming from Comic-Con, but we thought we’d include it in the bunch. We’ve already seen the first trailer for Joe Wright‘s costume drama Anna Karenina, and now Focus Features has released a new poster which shows Kiera Knightley standing on the wrong track. Check it out below:


  • Hello I Must Be Going Trailer: Hello I Must Be Going debuted earlier this year at Sundance, and our very own Brendan Walsh reviewed the movie, praising Melanie Lynskey for her performance. Now, we’ve got the first trailer for this quirky indie flick, check it out:

  • ‘I’m Batman’ Supercut: Just because this is a Comic-Con roundup, and we’re in the spirit of things, here’s the ‘I’m Batman’ Supercut no one was asking for. It’s still funny though. Here:

Other Cool Stuff:

  • Nerds And Their Workstations: Unreality Magazine‘s Nattyb put together a gallery of famous workstations belonging to ten very prominent technology CEOs. The gallery features the not-so-glamorous workstations of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Steve Jobs (Apple), Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), Tony Hsieh (Zappos) and more. Check that out.
  • Worst Werewolf Transformations: Here’s another fun post from Unreality Magazine, this time featuring the 6 Worst Werewolf Transformations Ever Put On Film. The list includes movies like Bad Moon, Death Moon, and New Moon. Check that out.

Photo Gallery:

  • Twilight Character Art: Check out some Twilight character art featuring the whole Cullen family.

Alright, that’s it for now. Remember that we’re covering the Con all weekend long. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news and features. Below you can check out some of the events we’ve already covered. If you missed some of them, feel free to catch up…





What are you excited for?