What better way to kick-off Friday the 13th than with the cast of Community? Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi and Yvette Nicole Brown, alongside new showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio made their presence known at Comic-Con 2012. Ballroom 20 was packed with fans waiting to hear an update on the future of their favorite show. They asked, and we received. Here are some highlights from the hour-long panel.

With Dan Harmon gone, will Community keep its geeky tone?

David Guarascio: It’s all going to be OK. We were just like you who thought it was best show on television and all of a sudden, we’re here. We understand the show deeply and we love and we want it to keep being the wonderful thing that it is. Like no other show, the fans influence what happens on the screen. In the writers room, we’re talking about what you’re going to like on a regular basis.

Chevy Chase will be back and the gang’s going on a trip.

David Guarascio: We’re going to get to see Pierce’s mansion [and] the twisted world in which he lives. We are also going to get to go to an Inspector Spacetime convention. Everyone [in the group] is going to go!”

To graduate or not to graduate?

David Guarascio: There’s a way to be true to the show … where the series will keep going even if they’re not [in college] all at the same time. They’ve become this family that will still exist together without changing the dynamic of the show.

So are Troy and Britta ever going to get together?

David Guarascio: The sparks may turn into a little bit of a fire.

Forget Jeff and Annie, it’s all about Jeff and Dean Pelton!

David Guarascio: It’s emotional for people, what’s going to happen next. That’ll give us a chance to explore some new relationships; one might have to do with the dean (Jim Rash) and Jeff.”

Where’s Jeff’s dad and who’ll play him?

Joel McHale: Eddie Murphy, everybody. Pluto Nash himself!

And the biggest mystery of all? What’s with Shirley’s over-sized bag?

Yvette Nicole Brown: I really think Shirley has that purse because I always have my purse. I’m from the inner city from Cleveland and you don’t walk away from your purse.

During the panel, the cast spread some fan love:

Gillian Jacobs: We may not win Emmys or get nominated for them, but we win every online poll and that’s because of you guys. Six Seasons and a Movie.

Good news! Most of the old writers will be back.

Moses Port: It’s also not us taking it in by ourselves. We have a lot of writers back from last season and we hit autopilot – what I’m saying is we’re not gonna screw it up.

From their lips to the TV god’s ears. Community will return with all-new episodes this fall on NBC. Remember, it’s making a big move to Friday nights after Whitney. Watch!

What do you think of Community‘s season four news?

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