Perhaps best known for directing family favorites such as Home Alone and producing similar efforts like Night at the Museum, has Chris Columbus been harboring a secret desire for the dark side? As a child, the director was greatly influenced by the horror comic magazine Creepy, and now he’s planning on collaborating with three other directors to turn their favorite Creepy stories into an anthology movie. We could be wrong, but it might be called Creepy.

Columbus and the other three yet-to-be-named directors are looking to create a Tales From The Crypt-esque movie, with all four parties bringing a distinctive, yet cohesive vision to adapt the work. So far, it’s sounding pretty good, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Columbus’ production company 1492 has already arranged a partnership with the Brauns and Sara Feldmann from Submarine/ New Comic Company to produce.

Creepy, the publication ran from 1964 to 1983 and featured work from various influential artists and animators. The good news is, five years ago, New Comic Company purchased the rights to all published Creepy material along with those of its sister publication Eerie; so, Columbus and the other directors should have their pick of anything the magazine has ever published – plenty sources for inspiration, then.

It sounds like an exciting passion project for the director (and for those Creepy fans who remember their favorite stories), although there’s currently no scheduled timetable planned as yet, and Columbus is already forward with John Grisham’s Calico Joe, so it could be awhile before this horror flick really gets underway.

So far, there’s been little speculation on which other directors will get involved, but already our minds are racing with the possibilities.

Which other directors would you like to see get involved with Creepy? Do you remember your favorite Creepy stories?

Source: CinemaBlend