Another year, another Comic-Con, another chance for grown men and women to spend all their time and hard earned money on latex, rubber, polyesters, lace and spandex to hide beneath their favorite masks, capes, giant heads  and behind their magical swords and wands to show their love for their favorite super-hero, comic, film character, muse…. we’ll just inspirations for life! Despite the heat, the crowds and the inability to walk faster than a toddler, every year you costume-heroes never fail to impress. Though some of you are taking the niche costumes a bit too far and others are just scary — you’re all heroes at Hall H!

So since there aren’t enough times in the year for grown men and women to dress up in costumes and be celebrated, we salute you Comic-Con costume wearers and your resilience to dress up like a super-trooper for the entire Con!

Below you can check out some of our favorite, least favorite and overall just weirdest photos that we could find at this years Comic-Con. Make sure to keep checking back in as we add more and more photos throughout the Con!

Love you Comic-Con costume-wearers! Never give up!

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