We are now eight days away from the release of The Dark Knight Rises, which hits theaters July 20. Christopher Nolan‘s final chapter of his Batman trilogy is probably the most hotly anticipated film of the year, and Warner Brothers has done a good job of keeping the lid on its secrets. But now there’s two clips from the film. Check them out….

You might ask us, what happens in the clips? We’ll be honest, we don’t know. We’re so close at this point that watching them feels like cheating. After all the trailers and TV spots, and posters, now all we want is to just have the experience.

Already we’re nervous about navigating social media if we don’t see it at Friday midnight. We don’t want to know what happens to Christian Bale‘s Bruce Wayne/Batman, or Anne Hathaway‘s Selina Kyle/Catwoman (or Tom Hardy‘s Bane for the matter) until we see it ourselves. If Nolan and Warner Brothers have been this good this close to release, it seems worth it to wait for these couple more days.

The first clip  showed sometime on NBC, and the second features Hathaway talking to the Today show. Seriously, we didn’t watch it. But if you want to feel free.

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 When are you seeing The Dark Knight Rises?