Though he didn’t appear in the first two films of the Daniel Craig-erized take on the James Bond franchise, it was only a matter of time before Q, the man behind all of Bond’s gadgets, popped up in the grittier incarnation of 007’s world.  Cue (no pun intended) Ben Wishaw, who will be filling the boots of Desmond Llewelyn and John Cleese as the new Q in Skyfall.  And now, we have the first picture of Wishaw as Q below.  Check it out.

Looking about 13 years old, Wishaw doesn’t exactly have the crusty gravitas one would expect from such a classic fatherly character in the Bond franchise.  But I suppose, as this is a reboot featuring Bond’s earlier exploits, a younger Q is understandable.  Even if he does look like he’s still waiting for those first pesky moustache whiskers to show up so the guys in homeroom will quit teasing him.

Not much is known about what role Ben Wishaw’s Q will play in Skyfall—given that this is a somewhat more realistic take on the Bond world (compared to earlier films in the franchise, at least), it’s doubtful he’ll be providing invisible cars or x-ray specs.  But he could serve as a tech aide to Bond, or some kind of liaison between Bond and M.

Skyfall is set for a November 9, 2012 release.

What do you think of the new Q?

Source: /Film