It’s been 23 years since Tim Burton and Michael Keaton teamed up for 1989′s Batman. The film kicked-off a brand new franchise that spawned three sequels and lots of money. While at Comic-Con promoting his latest feature Frankenweenie, Burton was asked what he thought of today’s superhero movies. And he responded with a funny, yet revealing answer.

Burton’s Batman was the first modernized big screen adaptation of the hero. It was a serious departure from the camp that dominated the 1960s version, which starred Adam West as the Dark Knight. It was that very image that Burton fought hard to break.

“I recall back to when we were doing that [Batman] and how worried they all were that it was too too dark,” said Burton. “Now it looks like a lighthearted romp, you know? Batman on Ice! It’s interesting because it was such a struggle to get that at the time.”

Burton’s answer speaks volumes about Hollywood’s ever changing trends. It sounds like he may have been ahead of his time. If you compare his work to Christopher Nolan‘s it looks like child’s play. It has its moments but it’s nowhere near as dark. The superhero genre has come a long way in two decades.

Watch Burton talk about Batman in the video below:

Check out Burton’s full Comic-Con interview at the Frankenweenie press conference.

In hindsight, how do you feel about Burton’s Batman?