Jackie Chan’s latest action film, CZ12 (a.k.a. Chinese Zodiac, a.k.a., Armour of God III: Chinese Zodiac, the sequel to Amour of God II: Operation Condor) had a fan-friendly panel during the first full day of Comic-Con 2012 today.  According to Deadline, it was a funny and self-deprecating panel, in which Chan joked about his formerly flexible bones, his acting chops, and why he isn’t Batman.

With Chinese Zodiac, Chan reprises his Operation Condor role of Asian Hawk.  In the film, Hawk gathers the bronze heads from statues of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, which were stolen by the French and British armed forces from the imperial Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860.  Chan promised that for him, nothing has changed in terms of how he makes his films—“just hurting, hurting, hurting.”

Chan went on to say that he was, quote, “stupid” for risking his life for his films, but he does so because his fans “enjoy it’ (he also advised younger action stars to take advantage of CGI and not perform their own stunts as he does).  He went on to say that he began martial arts at the age of six, “when bones are more flexible,” and suggested that if you start out at age 20, it’s just too late—advising that people start kids with martial arts at age 6-7.

Chan then relieved the audience by noting that rumors of his retirement are not entirely true:

“No – this wrong message!  It’s not last action film – I’m not retiring! I think it’s my probably last big action movie.”

Speaking of action films, Chan also noted that he would have been in The Expendables 2, had it not been for the making of Chinese Zodiac, which dominated his schedule while Expendables 2 was being shot:

“All the old friends together – so fun!  I was almost involved, but at that time I’m making the 12 Zodiacs. Nothing – only 12 Zodiacs. Now, I just finished – at that time, they touch on me, but I just say sorry, I cannot.”

But kids, there’s still hope:

“I love Stallone! I really want to make the movie with him together.”

He also noted that he’s missed out on such roles as Spider-Man and Batman:

“No American director will hire me to do like a Spider-Man, Batman…and I don’t know how to make these kind of films!  The only thing I know how to do is risk my life.”

Deadline later noted that the CZ12 did indeed look like an old-school action throwback, but in all the wrong ways—“the clip showed what looked like cheap sets, not very well shot, but with some great Chan fights and wall climbing.”

CZ12 is set for a December 12, 2012 release.  It may not be perfect, but will you be seeing CZ12?

Source: Deadline/ Comic Book Resource

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America