Preview Night is upon us here at the annual San Diego Comic-Con 2012. So when the doors first opened at the floor of the convention center, where did we go first? To Disney’s The Art of Frankenweenie exhibit.

We got a good look at the adorable little undead dog Sparky and the humans around him in the brand new art exhibition that’s been making its way across the world. Now any of the Comic-Con attendees can check out the sketches, merchandise and actual sets from Tim Burton’s latest stop-motion animated feature. What’s great about the exhibit most of all is just being able to see how small but very detailed the sets are. The world of stop-motion animation is fascinating to me.

Frankenweenie centers on Victor (Charlie Tahan) and his pet dog Sparky. When his beloved pooch is killed, Victor is heartbroken but decides to bring him back to life through science. Unfortunately for Victor, not everybody in the neighborhood is happy to see his dog back from the grave.

Check out a few of the many pictures we took at the booth below. Don’t forget that Frankenweenie is out in theaters everywhere on October 5th. Now look at the adorable doggy!