Just how many trailers can one film have?  A teaser?  Sure.  A full trailer?  Of course.  A second full trailer?  Why not?  A third full-length trailer?  Well… OK.  A fourth trailer?  Apparently so, because that’s what dropped late Tuesday: a trailer that begins as an ad for the entire Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, before jumping into two minutes of new The Dark Knight Rises footage.  Check it out below.

Yes, on the off chance that fans of Nolan’s Batman series weren’t going bananas enough, Warner Bros. has gone and released yet another trailer for has likely become the most anticipated film of 2012.  In it, we see a quick survey of scenes of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, before diving straight into two minutes of old and new The Dark Knight Rises footage, most of which seems to show rioting Gothamites tearing Gotham apart.  Check it out:

Not bad, no?  But seriously, Warner Bros., we get it:  The Dark Knight Rises comes out next week.  It will probably be awesome.  I don’t think we need any more trailers for the sucker at this point.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard, and Michael Caine.  Directed by Christopher Nolan, the film will be the final entry into the extraordinarily successful rebooted Batman franchise trilogy, and is set for a July 20 release.

What do you think of the trilogy trailer?

Source: Batman News