Last night, Franklin and Bash gave us something different to chew on, and for that we’re grateful. So far, season two has been less thrills and more snooze. There have been some exciting guest stars, but the cases and clients? Not so much. Thankfully, Tuesday night’s episode “Voir Dire” offered something different and entertaining.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Voir Dire”

Peter and Jared defend a shop worker against charges of a pre-meditated attack. But while selecting jurors for the case, the lawyers receive too much free advice. Meanwhile, Infeld Daniels’ associate partners summer program begins. Young lawyers are partnered with DA’s at the firm, including Peter and Jared.

The Good:

  • Choosing A Jury: We as citizens dread the thought of jury duty, but Peter and Jared made jury selecting fun, and funny, as hell. Their whole process of selecting didn’t actually make much sense, but they seemed to know what they were doing, which left us convinced that this is how juries are selected.
  • Summer Shadow: Peter and Jared are paired up with a young and keen summer shadow named Bonnie. She’s sort of like an intern, nervous and unsure. There was a connection between her and Jared. They both bonded over beer, over their daddy issues, but sadly, their relationship stayed at mentorship. We haven’t seen Jared hook up with anyone in a very long time (or ever?) and Bonnie just seems like his type of gal. We wouldn’t mind seeing her back on the show.
  • Tricks In Court: Even when selecting a jury, Peter and Jared use their wonderful bag of tricks to make their opponent do what they want. That’s actually how they win the case. They make their opponent think they’ve got a secret witness that they don’t want him to know about, but really they want him to go after the witness (which he does). And even though we’re not shown Peter and Jared’s victory in this episode, the implication that they’ll win is much sweeter.
  • Funny Quote: “Karp, you’re the poster child for nepotism.”

The Bad:

  • The Client: This episode was less about the case and client, and more about jury selecting. But there was still a client – Sal, the annoying, meat-head who does what he’s not suppose to. Why can’t clients just do what they’re told? It’s like they’re trying to go to jail. Jeez!


So, now we know that Franklin and Bash can still surprise us. There are so many more things that the world of law has to offer than just boring old court cases. We’d never thought jury selecting could be a fun process, but Peter and Jared made it work.

Rating: 7/10

Franklin and Bash airs every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on TNT!

What did you think of last night’s episode?