Last week, we announced that ScreenCrave would be taking part in a ticket giveaway to the Comic-Con advanced screening of DREDD 3D. Contestants were asked to whip up a creative answer to this question: who is your favorite character from DREDD’s world, and why? Now, we’ve reached our decision and have selected our five winners.

After spending hours and hours reading through numerous replies, ScreenCrave has selected these winners.

Congratulations to:

  • Winner 1 – Natalie Valencia – “Ma-Ma. From watching Game of Thrones, I’d say it be interesting to watch Lena Headey continue her tyrannical reign on- screen, particularly because she happens to have more balls than the men in Game of Thrones.”
  • Winner 2 – Stephanie Taylor – “Judge Hershey, she’s strong, smart and a survivor!”
  • Winner 3 – custis shipp – “Rico Dredd is my favorite character in this series because I have had experiences in what he went though of being jealous of other siblings. In the comics that is what happened to Rico and the result was turning to crime before he was killed by his brother Dredd.”
  • Winner 4 – Tyler Bannock – “Judge Death is my favorite. The only way to describe him is complete insanity.”
  • Winner 5 – Tanya Dellavalle – “Stan Lee aka Deathfist. He is one of the few that ever defeated Judge Dredd. Single Combat style. ”

Again, congratulations to our big winners. Please check your inbox, an e-mail has been sent to you. Please respond ASAP as this is a timely matter. And thanks to all of those who participated.

Remember, DREDD 3D hits theaters September 21, 2012.

Will you be seeing DREDD 3D?