For some people, The Avengers was, quite simply, the best movie of the year (I’m not sure why, exactly, that is, but hey, a box office revenue of $1,454,489,326 tells you something).  And for those of you who just didn’t get quite enough of the Marvel universe with The Avengers’ theatrical release, the film’s Blu-Ray is set to contain a short spin-off film, Item 47.  And, thanks to Comic-Con, Item 47 just got a new poster.

In the short film, Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford star as a broke and broken-down couple who, while living in New York during the same time frame as The Avengers, discover one of the discarded alien gun from the film’s climax.  With their newfound discovery of advanced alien technology, the pair decide to leap into villainy and become a modern Bonnie and Clyde (it doesn’t help that their names are Benny and Claire).

With the two wreaking havoc with their new toy, S.H.I.E.L.D. sends two agents to clean up their ever-expanding mess and retrieve the weapon.

Marvel Studios is planning a secret screening of the short film at Comic-Con on Friday, and with that screening comes a new poster that will be given out to attendants.  Get an eyeful of the poster below.

And hey, if you can’t make it to Comic-Con to see the short, don’t fret—you can watch it at home when The Avengers Blu-Ray hits on September 25.

What do you think of the Item 47 poster?

Source: Coming Soon