While the San Diego International Comic-Con is meant to be a celebration of all things pop culture, occasionally, even an event as fun as the Comic-Con can generate bad news.  Case in point: a Twilight fan was killed today in front of the San Diego Convention Center.

A 53 year old woman was killed on Tuesday in front of the San Diego Convention Center after being fatally struck by a car.  The unidentified Comic-Con attendee was one among several fans who were camping in front of the convention center “since Sunday to score a seat at the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 panel” and was, at the time of the collision, reportedly walking in a nearby crosswalk.

According to LAist, Sgt. Ron Glass stated that the victim was attempting to run across the nearby Harbor Drive “against the light” at approximately 9:20 AM Tuesday morning.  The fan was struck by a Subaru Outback, and the 67 year old driver did not see the woman until it was too late.  The victim attempted to “stop her own momentum” but instead tripped directly onto the Outback, was knocked unconscious, and was bleeding profusely from her head.

The unidentified  Twilight fan was then immediately taken to a hospital , where she later died.

Eyewitnesses and Comic-Con attendees stated that the victim was in a hurry to return to the Sand Diego Convention Center because the Comic-Con staff appeared to be ready to switch the line, and the victim was rushing to return to her group to keep her space in line.

Fellow Twilight fans are now working via Twitter to organize a moment of silence at Comic-Con, as well as  a memorial fund.

Source: LAist