Still slow – perhaps post-holiday lag – for DVD and Blu-ray releases, but this week you can catch up with two of this year’s misfires, and a film that has had its reputation grow ever since it was dumped by its studio. Check out this week’s picks.


American Reunion: Universal thought they had a winner here, and the film could have been a slam dunk if people liked it. The return of everyone from the first couple films meant that the American Pie sequel pulled a Fast Five, but audiences didn’t really care to see a bunch of thirty-year olds acting like teenagers again. Oh well. Seems like something that will be on a cable loop for years to come.

Being Flynn: This film came out earlier this year and stars Paul Dano and Robert De Niro. If the film had been good, it might have been an awards contender. For what it is, it’s going to be ignored for the rest of its home video life.

The Flowers of War: Christian Bale may have an Oscar and may be Batman, but once you take him out of his black armor, he’s not really a movie star. Flowers of War was supposed to be an awards contender, but no one really cared stateside. I’m still curious to watch it, we’ll see if there’s anything there.

Margaret: I gave Margaret a mixed review, partly because you could tell it was compromised by its editing. Now there’s a longer cut of the film available with the release of this movie, and I can’t wait to dive in and see if it fixes some of the film’s problems, though director Kenneth Lonergan has suggested that it too is not complete. Like a number of great cut works of art, it’s hard to suggest there will ever be a definitive version of the movie, but sometimes a film’s reputation is helped by being irrevocably damaged.


Altered States, The Astronaut’s Wife, Blade II, Brainstorm, Chariots of Fire, Coma, Frequency, Outland, Spawn: Director’s Cut: It’s a catalog dump time from Warner Brothers. The most prominent of these is likely the Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire, but it’s also a boring film. Altered States, Brainstorm and Outland are more interesting, partly because they’re older, and Altered States is notable for being insane. Brainstorm was the film in which star Natalie Wood died during shooting, while Outland has Sean Connery doing High Noon in space. Tell me you don’t want to see that.

What are you picking up this week?