Anywhere Nancy goes, she’s bound to make enemies. That’s why it’s no surprise the money-hungry, pot-dealing clown at the hospital wants her out. Last night on Weeds, Nancy was Frank Lucas from American Gangster. Ruthless to the competition, and charitable to the needy. She’s like the Mother Teresa of sickly, marijuana smoking hospital patients. Here’s what we thought of her actions in “A Beam of Sunshine.”

The Players:

Episode Title: “A Beam Of Sunshine”

Andy makes his intentions known to Jill. Doug is presented with an enticing investment opportunity. While Nancy recuperates, Silas helps her with a new business venture. And Shane figures out who shot his mother.

The Good:

  • A Change Of Heart: It turns out, a bullet will change Nancy Botwin. She no longer wants to be a “bad person.” She wants the Botwins to smile more often and be happy. So she takes it upon herself to act like the caretaker of the sick and dying at the hospital. She even tells Silas that the drugs are free for all the patients. While that can’t be good for business, it’s nice to see that Nancy can still surprise us.

The Bad:

  • Jill and Andy: The whole Jill and Andy relationship story isn’t working. The main problem is Jill, again. The way she carries herself is annoying. One can see that she’s desperately trying to be more like Nancy – carefree, cute, sexy, etc. It just doesn’t go with her because we know that’s not who she really is. She’s uptight, paranoid and definitely not cool. Also, is anyone else disgusted by her and Andy’s sexual relationship? Nancy may have been slutty at times, but she never did anything of the sort in front of her kids. It’s hard to buy that Andy is head-over-heels in love with Jill. Wasn’t he in love with Nancy? Andy needs to watch that old episode of Friends where Ross tells Rachel he wouldn’t dream of doing anything with her sister Jill (Ah! They even have the same name! This is a sign). Every day he has sex with Jill in the attic, his chances with Nancy shrink. ‘Cause sharing a lover with your sibling is just gross.
  • Shane Figures It Out: By the end of the episode, Shane figures out who smoked his mama. How he did that, we don’t know. We’re left in the dark about it. Hopefully, we’ll find out his methods next week. If not, we’re going to have some serious problems. 


It’s nice to see Nancy having a change of heart. But this means big challenges for her business. Jill and Andy’s relationship seems to be flourishing, but we don’t care. Someone needs to send Jill back to her suburban home, pronto. Overall, the episode wasn’t very eventful, but at least next week we’ll be out of the hospital.

Rating: 4/10

Weeds airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.


What did you think of last night’s episode?