I’ve covered Comic-Con with ScreenCrave for a number of years, and every year it gets hotter, smellier and even more wonderful than the last! ScreenCrave has gone from sneaking into Hall H (just kidding, we’d NEVER do something like that. No. Never. Nope.) to having a team of reporters on the ground bringing you everything from Spielberg interviews (highlight of my life?) to Twilight-fan interviews (low-light of my life?). And this year, AMC’s John Campea has invited yours truly of ScreenCrave to join their Master of the Web! One day I’ll be in Hall H with a film! But for now, Room 24ABC better watch out, because Mali Elfman is officially a Master of the Web!

Since I’ve mainly spent this year working on the other side of filmmaking, my colleagues Steve Weintraub (Collider), Grae Drake (Fandango.Com), Edward Douglas (ComingSoon.Net), Erik Davis (Movies.Com), Mike Sampson (ScreenCrush.Com) and of course the lovely Jen Yamato YAMATO (MovieLine.Com) and always wonderful Jenna Busch (Cocktails With Stan) may seem more suited to this title than I. But seeing as one of ScreenCrave’s never feels more at home than when we’re on the floor of Con nerding it up with fellow fans, we’re proud to be in attendance and part of such a wonderful panel! Especially since it’s being hosted by Dredd 3D‘s Karl Urban! Who I’m hoping upon hope, will be wearing his helmet!

So come join the annual gathering of some of the most prominent and influential film pundits on the web discuss movies, the “industry”, online writing, film fandom, and then of course what ever debates I can fan the fire of! The web is an interesting place, in constant flux and with an ever-changing list demands. I look forward to being able to join the amazing panelists this year and see what kind of trouble we can all get into!

The panel will be on Thursday July 12th at 4:30pm in room 24ABC. AMC Theatres will be giving away free movie passes to everyone who attends the panel and other special gifts will be handed out as well! Make sure to get there early!

Check out more about the Master’s of the Web panel and the amazing panelists on AMC Movie News!