In this week’s Drop Dead Diva, Jane and Kim butt heads in classic fashion. But their renewed cattiness is offset by Parker’s changing priorities as he tries to maintain the fledgling relationship with his son Eric. Oh, and where the hell did Owen go?

The Players:

  • Director: J. Miller Tobin
  • Writer: Lynne E. Litt and William N. Fordes and Wendy Engelberg
  • Cast: Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Josh Stamberg

Episode Title: “Happily Ever After”

The case of the week involves a woman whose husband died in an oil rig accident. Within the first five minutes, Jane is meeting with the grieving widow, vowing to rush the case to trial. Meanwhile, Kim is meeting with said oil company, promising to delay the case indefinitely. Since the firm can only represent one side, Parker decides to give it to whoever can get a signed retainer to him first. Jane scores the win. Speaking of Parker, his relationship with Eric is threatened when Brandy Elisa gets a job as a nurse in Canada (where they don’t care about licenses being revoked). Of course, he’s a lawyer and takes the fight to court.

The Good:

  • Parker and Eric: With no hint of snarkiness, Parker and Eric are freaking adorable. It could easily come across as cheesy or insincere, but Parker’s lopsided pancakes and loving glances seem surprisingly genuine. It makes his decision to risk it all by taking Elisa to court actually believable.
  • Owen Goes M.I.A.: While Jane is acting like a toddler in her excitement over being engaged (“Have you seen my ring?” “My wedding blog in interactive!”), Owen completely disappears. She gets flowers and some excuses about leaving town to visit an injured friend, but a little Teri tracking proves that to be a lie. It looks like Owen just left town to leave Jane. Cue Grayson to swoop in with a shoulder to cry on.
  • Elisa’s Exit: For all of its Rom-Com-y faults, one of the great things about Drop Dead Diva is its willingness to let bad things happen to people we love. This probably shouldn’t be so shocking considering they killed the main character in the opening minutes of the series. But outside of obvious plot devices, Diva has a reputation for making us fall hard for characters, only to pull them away (see: Fred).
  • Orchid Guy: Jane’s case basically hinged on a tip she received from an amateur botanist on the opposing team. He sent her a rare, home-bred orchid with a clue that will ultimately help win the case, and potentially save lives. Normally, I’d call cop-out with a twist like this, but I have to give credit to Mr. Orchid for pulling off the potential plunder.

The Bad:

  • Luke and Stacey’s “Big Secret”: Fred might have fallen for Stacey’s vapid charms, but in no universe would any fan really believe that Luke would do the same. Yet, that’s exactly what this week’s episode tries to imply. They meet for lunch. He calls her his “favorite” tenant. They giggle and whisper and maybe that’s supposed to seem like a kindling romance – except it’s not. By episode’s end, we learn Stacey and Luke were planning Jane a surprise office engagement party. This would be great for the wedding bug-bitten lady…if the big “surprise” didn’t come moments after Teri revealed that Owen left her. Cue the awkward turtles from all of Harrison Parker.
  • Elisa Wins Custody: Yes, her leaving town is on the good list for this week, but that custody hearing scene was a heart-breaker. Elisa’s lawyer (guest star Serena Williams) slams Parker’s character by drudging up the affair that ended their relationship, then as he (rightly) defends himself, Eric walks in on the whole scene. Ouch.


The oil rig case could have been predictable, but it was pulled together beautifully. And Parker’s custody battle was actually pretty moving. Owen’s surprise departure is genius, but probably not permanent (Prediction: Just as Jane starts to fall for Grayson on her own terms and not as Deb, he’ll return with a forgivable reason for leaving). After a pretty flat episode last week, it was great to see the series continue to shake things up.

Rating: 8/10

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime

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