About two weeks back Sony called their shot, and said that they were thinking they’d get to $125 Million for their six-day opening of The Amazing Spider-Man. They were wrong. They underestimated.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Amazing Spider-Man
$65,000,000 $15,053 $140,000,000
2 Ted $32,593,000 (-40.1%) $10,010 $120,240,000
3 Brave $20,162,000 (-40.9%) $5,182 $174,519,000
4 Savages $16,162,000 $6,150 $16,162,000
5 Magic Mike $15,610,000 (-60.1%) $5,003 $72,797,000
6 Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection $10,200,000 (-59.8%) $4,720 $45,846,000
7 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted $7,700,000 (-35.0%) $2,691 $196,020,000
8 Katy Perry: Part of Me $7,150,000 $2,619 $10,250,000
9 Moonrise Kingdom $4,642,000 (-5.8%) $5,251 $26,893,000
10 To Rome with Love $3,502,000 (+405.9%) $4,345 $5,621,000

The Amazing Spider-Man hit $140 domestic, and is over $340 Million worldwide, which means it will get over half a billion (at least) at the end of the day. The only competition next week is the Ice Age sequel, which is more of an international phenomenon at this point. The question is if The Dark Knight Rises will act like a brick wall, which The Dark Knight did to the Hellboy sequel. Audiences seem to like the film, but it’s also the first PG-13 action movie since Snow White and the Huntsman. In that way the long holiday weekend likely worked for the picture – it’s doubtful the film would be getting to that number in a three day. As they’ve already announced that the series is a trilogy, there’s no real guessing about this franchise moving forward, unless that was a bluff. I don’t know if they had a script commissioned for a follow-up, but the numbers are great enough for them to move forward immediately.

Ted is a huge, huge hit. It’s hit $120 Million, and it could hit $200 Million by the time it wraps up. It may not play internationally, but those are great numbers. And though Brave may have been troubled in production, it hasn’t performed as such. It should do Wall*E numbers – around $220 Million. And though it’s surprising and easy to make boner jokes about Magic Mike dropping 60%, the film cost $7 Million to make, so it’s already made ten times its budget.

The question then becomes, “how much did they spend on advertising?” It’s possible that a last minute push cost them anywhere near $40-$50 Million, and usually a four quad film like The Amazing Spider-Man spends over $100 Million on marketing. And as I’ve said before, this is why the numbers are more of a bell-weather to what audiences are going for/not going for than a sure sign of profitability.

Savages did more than was expected, but with a $45 Million dollar budget, $50 Million domestic won’t make it profitable. I don’t know what the international appeal of the title (or Oliver Stone) is, so it looks like a modest misfire. But while the Katy Perry Movie didn’t do very much business, between home video and the film’s relatively miniscule budget, it should make money.

Tyler Perry is Tyler Perry, so he does what he does, and Moonrise should be hanging out at the bottom of the top ten for the next month. It’s hard to say if Woody Allen‘s latest, To Rome with Love, will do the same, but it could – though no one’s saying it’s as good as Midnight in Paris.

The good news for all of these films is that next week there’s only one movie, and it will do okay, but nothing earth-shattering. But then comes the Bat…

Reality Check: I went low on Spider-Man and Savages, but didn’t think Spidey  would bomb or nothing, and a little high on Magic Mike and Katy Perry. Though people would want more sexy this weekend than they did, I guess.

What did you watch this weekend?