Timing is everything, and there’s nothing better than being able to follow something hugely successful with something in the same vein. It’s unlikely that Dreamworks animation knew that Rise of the Guardians would have a similar “assemble the super-team” narrative as The Avengers when they started production a couple years ago (animation takes time), but now it could be seen as a rip-off.  Here’s the latest trailer.

The film stars Chris Pine as Jack Frost, who teams up with Alec Baldwin‘s Santa Claus, Hugh Jackman‘s Easter Bunny, Isla Fisher‘s Tooth Fairy and the (silent) Sandman to fight Jude Law‘s evil Pitch. So the world’s mightiest fictional characters are gathered together to fight off a preening British guy? Sounds familiar. Of course this comes from the William Joyce series about about the guardians of childhood, so any similarities are mostly accidental.

What sets it apart from The Avengers is that here they follow the hero’s journey model by making Pine’s Jack Frost the outsider, which also allows the audience a chance to see how things work through his perspective. Though DreamWorks used to get a lot of crap for making slapdash animated films, they’ve been getting better and better about story and their craft. With this premise – if they do it right – it looks to be very entertaining. The film opens November 21.

What superhero team-up do you want to see next?