Short films before movies are back! At least for animated films. It feels like Pixar kicked off this trend, which also proved a good testing ground for animators before taking on feature-length projects, and now it’s become almost expected from an animated feature. Now The Simpsons have gotten in on the act.

They’ve produced a short for the release of Ice Age: Continental Drift, which stars Maggie as a victim of a day care. She also seems to be going up against her mono-browed rival, which is a nice callback. Likely it’s a five minute short, so this trailer reflect that – it’s just eleven seconds long, and shows very little. Still, as someone who had no interest in ever seeing Continental Drift, this does make that look a little more appealing.

Though Fox hasn’t been at the forefront of animated films, their Blue Sky production company has had a pretty good winning streak of titles, including the recent film The Lorax. Perhaps because Jeffrey Katzenberg left Disney to start Dreamworks, it feels like that’s become the central rivalry in animated features. But both Fox and Universal have been making hits, with some of their films actually pretty good. Ice Age: Continental Drift opens next Friday July 13, which is where you’ll be able to watch this short in its entirety.

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