It seems as if the marketing department behind The Dark Knight Rises has set its sights on total worldwide dominion as, four full-length trailers and about 15 teasers/ TV spots later, they’re still churning out new teasers, sneak peeks, and TV spots for the upcoming film—and each one contains a bevy of new footage.  Today’s clip: a one-minute Hong Kong TV spot (in English), that focuses on the return of Batman after eight years of post-The Dark Knight exile.

Those who have been trawling message boards (or who simply read the plot synopsis we published earlier this month), know that following the events of The Dark Knight, Batman has retired, and Bruce Wayne has been haunting the hallways of Wayne Manor.  But with the arrival of the mysterious Catwoman and the brutal terrorist Bane, Bats makes a comeback.  The newest teaser, straight out of Hong Kong, focuses on Bruce’s reemergence at the dark knight:

So there you have it: some quippy humor (likely an ad focus due to the wild success of the similarly humorous The Avengers), some actions shots, and a lot of Christian Bale screaming and growling (unfortunately, there is no “Oh, gooooood for youuuuuuuu” exclamations).

The Dark Knight Rises is set for a July 20th release.

Source: Batman News