It looks like Machete Kills really is happening—after the news that such Hollywood trainwrecks as Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen have actually been cast together in the film, one almost had to wonder if it was all some strange fever dream on the part of director Robert Rodriguez, and not a real film.  However, thanks to a behind the scenes video courtesy of NuevOn, you can actually see an action scene between Danny Trejo and Sofia Vergara being filmed, as well as their behind the scenes antics.

The clip features Vergara as her “leather-clad” villain, taking dual-fisted shots at Trejo’s Machete.  Machete Kills, in addition to Trejo, Vergara, Sheen, and Gibson, also stars returning Edward James Olmos, Tom Savini, and returning Machete alums Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez.

The Machete Kills plot centers around how Machete must take out a Mexican cartel named Mendez the Madman, as well as Mel Gibson’s Luther Voz, an evil billionaire and arms dealer who plans on launching a destructive missile at Earth via outer space.   Machete is recruited on said mission by the President of the United States, who is portrayed by none other than Charlie Sheen.  No, we’re not making this up.

No release date for Machete Kills has been set.

What do you think of the Machete Kills news?

Source: Coming Soon