Earlier this month, Showtime announced that Weeds was coming to an end. Some may say the show’s been overdue for cancellation because it’s just not what it used to be. But fans will be happy to know that “Messy,” last night’s season premiere, was a true return to form.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Messy”

The shooting victim is rushed to the hospital and the family is left to theorize about who pulled the trigger.

The Good:

  • Who Got Smoked?: Much of the advertising campaign behind season eight has revolved around ‘Who Got Smoked?’ and we’re very reluctant to tell you who that is. Know this, the person who gets shot definitely had it coming. Aside from that, The Weeds‘ writers proved once again that they are pros at handling cliffhangers. The victim may be stuck in a coma, fighting for his/her life, but there still was a nice mixture of comedy and surprise. It wasn’t a sappy episode where everyone grieved for the victim. There was hardly any grieving, more like reflecting.
  • Opening Credits: Probably the best part of the entire episode was listening to “Little Houses” again. We’re looking forward to a whole season of different versions.
  • Shooter: The shooter is also revealed at the end of the show. It’s a total shocker, but also well-justified. We’re definitely interested in what they have to say, and who (if anyone) is going to take him/her out. (Fingers crossed for Shane ‘Badass’ Botwin).
  • Brother Chat: Silas and Shane have a heart to heart over stolen hospital gift-basket goodies (like peanuts, macadamia nuts and alcohol). Note: What is it with this show and gift baskets? It’s nice to see these two characters all grown up. Remember when they would punch and kick each other? Now they’re old enough to have decent conversations, which we like.

The Bad:

  • Jill’s Behavior: Without a doubt, Jill was one of worst characters last season. She spent most of it making Nancy’s life miserable by refusing to give her, her son. Then we found out she was a psycho when she made Nancy climb that fence at her house. Again, she’s not off to a great start here. Maybe it’s because it looks like she’s trying really hard to be Nancy. The messy hair, the slutty dress, the cursing, the careless sex. It’s odd. This show doesn’t need another Botwin sister, one is enough.


“Messy” was a good kick off point for this season. It reminded us of how great this show used to be, before the Botwins went off the grid. Mainly, we’re just glad it’s able to keep the humor mill running, while one of its main characters was in a coma. By the end of the episode the victim does wakes up. Hopefully, this means the incident will be dealt with quickly.

Rating: 8/10

What did you think of last night’s episode?