We’re not saying playing royalty makes you a lock for a best acting nomination or win. We’re just saying… it’s pretty much a lock if your movie is classy. Naomi Watts is playing Princess Diana in the film Caught in Flight, and photos from the set have been made available. Check them out!

The film is being directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, who broke into American films after directing Das Experiment, and youtube sensation Downfall, and then directed the abysmal Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake The Invasion. That suffered from a lot of studio interference, or reshoots, or perhaps he just didn’t speak English well enough, but my god is that a terrible film. Having done some television since, perhaps he’s regained some of his reputation.

Here’s those pictures, courtesy Kinopoisk and THR.


It doesn’t appear that The Weinstein company is behind this film, so perhaps it isn’t a total lock for Watts, but there’s no way they’re making this without thinking about her Oscar possibilities. It’s possible English critics will be annoyed that an Australian is playing Di, but in America we’ve had our presidents and our superheroes played by the English, so they should bloody well get used to it.

Do you want to see a movie about Princess Di?