As we announced last month, the original Fright Night director, Tom Holland is once again collaborating with Stephen King on the new theatrical feature film The Ten O’Clock People, after a 16-year break.  Now, it’s been reported that Justin Long is in talks to play the leading role.

Long is no stranger to the genre, having already played a role in Sam Raimi‘s Drag Me to Hell, as well as Jeepers Creepers, but it’ll be interesting to see how he fairs in a King movie. Are you as curious as we are?

The short story was originally published in 1993 as part of King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes collection – and the story stood out for being set in Boston, Massachusetts, instead of his usual Maine locale.

Dubbed a “paranoid suspense piece” by Holland, The Ten O’Clock People centers around Brandon Pearson, a man who is in the midst of trying to quit smoking – but he soon notices something isn’t right and quickly learns that a ton of high-ranking officials, the Vice President included, are actually inhuman monsters who need to be stopped.

King wrote it so that the only ones who can see the monsters for what they really are just so happen to be the people who are also trying to quit smoking, due to a unique chemical imbalance in their bodies. These fellow quitters are nicknamed the “ten o’clock people” (as that’s the time they used to take a morning smoke break) and have to stand their ground against the intruders.

The Ten O’Clock People will begin filming later this summer and is produced by Making Ten O’Clock Productions and Holland’s Dead Rabbit Films. It will be Holland’s first theatrical release (as a director) since his adaptation of the King novel Thinner came out in 1996.

Do you think Justin Long is a good choice? Are you excited about The Ten O’Clock People?

Source: ComingSoon